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Mercy Martínez, I was born in Havana City, in Cuba. When I was six years old I began to take my first steps in Cuban Salsa , which is also  known as  In Cuba to Dance Casino.

Only a year later I started my dance studies in The Palace of the Pioneers in my hometown, until I was 14 years old. Where I received training in disciplines such as: Cuban Folklore, Mexican, Mambo, Cha Cha Chá, ethnic and contemporary dances, etc....    I also particípated  in several children's programmas on Cuban’s television.

I continued my training at the Artistic Academy Gaviota S.L., also in Havana.  In recent years, I have already begun to perform in public in ' El Rincón de Beny More ' – an internationally known musician and  as well as with the local orchestra in VA.

Events in Varadero and in the province of Matanzas. I have received many other proposals, including an audition for dancers only for a show in Italy.

Once the casting was over, I started with the rehearsals and six months later, in December 1997, at the age of 22, I traveled to this country to start working on the project for a year.

I Return to Cuba  shortly after ,four months , I returned to Italy, where I fixed my residence for a few years.  Together with two Brazilian dancers, we founded the group Le Chocolate Bar, which offers a show of varied Latin dance and with which I performed several tours throughout the Italian territory, combining this activity with that of dance teacher, sharing the Knowledge and experience, with people who want to take dance lessons.

Later, in 2005, I moved to Valencia  and a performed  as a dancer with the orchestra Sabor Latino, touring all over Spain and in 2009 . My career as a dancer brought me to Marbella where I live and continue my teaching activity.  It is the birth of Cuba Dances.




Cuba and Italy


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Cuba Dances Logo.png

What is Cuba Dances

Cuba Dances is a project I started a few years ago.  This is one more step in my career as a professional dancer: teaching, I had the possibility of transmitting to other people the knowledge I have acquired over so many years so that they can enjoy the Latin dance, as I have been doing too.. .. And I still enjoy all its intensity.

I began tutoring private individuals and groups and creating animations and choreographies for parties and celebrations.  It is an absolutely playful and exciting activity. 

Today continues with this project and there are many people who have learned to dance Latin rhythms, movements, styles, and so much more, with me for all these years and I am very proud of it.

Should you wish to dance and become the center of the party in a very short time. You can contact me via email or pone.

 Cheer up!


Do you want to see some videos of my lessons? CLICK HERE